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A change in design from the very start

The new energy performance requirements, now expressed in absolute values for greater clarity, will necessitate a more comprehensive and more sophisticated approach, both in the design of buildings as well as the choice of systems. The involvement of consultancy is therefore justified upstream of the project as well as at the calculations stage required for the two regulatory clearances. The first confirms the completion of the feasibility study for energy supply. It must be presented at the filing of building permits. The second confirms that the contractor has taken thermal regulation into account. It must be handed over on completion of the works.



A word about French regulation

The RT 2012 (Thermal regulation) changes will apply from the 28th of October 2011 for new offices or educational buildings, to early infant establishments as well as homes located in ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renewal) areas. The regulations will extend to buildings for residential use from the 1st of January 2013. This RT 2012 is based on three factors: climatic needs (Bbio), consumption (C) and the indoor temperature point (Tic). These required performances, calculated using tools provided by the CSTB ( Scientific and Technical Centre for Buildings), are accompanied by recommendations. These include the requirement to use renewable energy for individual homes as well as the elimination of thermal bridges and air tightness.


 A springboard towards RT 2020

You can now use the expertise of the Faséo consulting firm today in order to meet requirements for the 2012 thermal regulation. You can anticipate the future RT 2020 by designing an energy positive building (EPB) which produces more energy than it consumes. Faséo is by your side take you further in energy efficiency solutions by combining energy recovery solutions with renewable and free energies.


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Involving all types of expertise from the very start of a project




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