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From the definition of your needs to the redaction of the Tender Consultation File 

After studying your needs precisely, Faséo engineers and technicians design the specifications for your chosen solution. A report on the existing site, a geographical survey for defining future facilities, a feasibility study... the foundations of the project have to be solid. Faséo then proceeds with an in-depth technical study of the solution to be implemented. The financial aspect is integral to the engineering assignment and is completed with the establishment of the financial envelope for the works. Once studies are clearly detailed, Faséo establishes the Tender Consultation File with various documents (specification clauses, price ranges and plans) necessary for the engineering firms.


Optimising works before they begin

Faséo engineering also assists the project manager awarding works contracts. Meetings for updating and comparing offers from companies establish a detailed and objective report to help you make the right choices.

Once the service providers have been selected, their respective working methods must be validated with a certificate. Faséo examines, verifies and approves the plans and calculations submitted by the implementing contractors. Once the implementation study document is validated, works can begin.


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