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On-site survey

The on-site survey is the first stage of the audit and also the most important. A veritable field assignment, it is based on examination and analysis of the building. The condition of the entire building (including its external envelope), use of facilities, use of energy and its consumption, management modes, contracts, invoices, equipment... every parameter concerning heat and energy is scrutinised. The rigour of these surveys determines the accuracy of calculations and simulations as well as, and above all, the suitability of the recommended technical interventions.


Data operation and processing

This is the heart of the operation. Based on the data collected, Faséo's thermal engineer uses different methods of calculation depending on the requirements, using software specific to the building and equipment concerned.

The interpretation of the results then identifies areas for improvement. Each of the planned operations is accompanied by an estimate of cost, results and time to return on investment.



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Audit énergétique




Technicien thermique

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