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Electrical audit

Are you sure that you meet the latest compliance requirements for standards and regulations? Faséo provides a reliable answer through detailed inspection of your building. High current, low current, home automation, power generators, new energy sources, elevators... the engineering department checks all your electrical installations, from distribution to energy production. An analysis of equipment, condition, compliance, suitability of safety equipment, lifts and more, the Faséo electrical audit creates a precise inventory of your installations enriched by technical and financial guidance.


Photovoltaic diagnostic and feasibility study

As well as being an act of good citizenship, a photovoltaics project must first of all be well thought out and controlled. As a tool for decision support, auditing is an excellent way to quantify and evaluate the photovoltaic potential of your building. Panel size and orientation, facilities and building comptability, estimation of yields and profitability, CO2 reduction... Faséo's photovoltaic audit is technical, economic and environmental. It is always accompanied by concrete illustrations based on field surveys and simulations using dedicated software.


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