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Despite changes in France in the feed-in-tariff in United Kingdom, solar energy is a great resource to exploit. This is because photovoltaic production is not the only option available to you. Solar thermal, the natural complement of heat and energy, gives you the ability to heat hot water in a building. You can go further by creating a combined solar system that can also supply a portion of central heating and heat a pool. If you opt for photovoltaic production, then there are still modular integration types: on the roof, sidings, railings or shading... Faséo will make your options clear.


Wind power

By 2020, wind energy aims to provide up to 18% of the electricity consumed in Europe. In France, wind turbines or wind generators, are on the rise, helped by tax benefits (tax credit, 5.5% VAT). Specifically, individuals and companies are installing wind turbines from a few hundred watts to 30 kilowatts with an average annual production of between 10,000 and 50,000kWh. As a guide, the electrical consumption for electric heating of a house with four people rarely exceeds 10,000kWh. Among the various kind of renewable energy, the biggest potential in United Kingdom certainly comes from wind energy. United Kingdom is already the leader in Europe for off-shore wind farm and will multiply by 4 by 2020 the installed capacity. They are interesting figures that should be backed up with an accurate study. Meteorological data, distance of the wind turbine from the building, height of the mast, horizontal or vertical configuration... Faséo can help you make a naturally reliable investment in wind power.


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